Middle Blue River: Green Solutions Plan


As part of Kansas City’s Overflow Control Plan, extensive green solutions are being investigated as a way to control the $2.5 billion cost to reduce sewer overflows. The Middle Blue watershed has been selected as the demonstration site for various green solution pilot projects. The first pilot project was completed in 2011 and is now being monitored for its effectiveness in capturing stormwater and reducing overflows.

The second phase will expand on innovative approaches to stormwater management. Our concept design looks to the existing street infrastructure to capture stormwater with pervious concrete. The streets are connected to regional ponds and parks through a series of vegetated swales, which help define a neighborhoods and renovate boulevards. A series of community metrics were established to help determine the effectiveness of the strategies.

Urban farming, a stormwater management and resource depot and a park renovation anchor each site with a defining concept. These sites provide the community with a service that can strengthen the local economy and elevate civic pride.