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Phronesis was founded with the primary goal to create exceptional spaces that enrich the well-being of all people and support environmental, social, and economic health. To meet that goal, our projects must be buildable, environmentally just, and calibrated to the needs of site patrons. 

Community engagement is both an art and a science, & is the backbone of a great community plan.

The science is in designing the program, presentations, and articulating the questions that need to be answered. The art is having the flexibility to tackle difficult questions, address the unknown, gain consensus and facilitate a productive dialogue.

We understand urban stormwater infrastructure and how green infrastructure can support a more pedestrian-oriented healthy, walkable community. Green Infrastructure can be a catalyst for community development if it is integrated into more holistic, watershed-based approach.


2000 Vine is located in the historic Jazz District of Kansas City. The development is an innovative community space that hopes to host many events.

At the root of our dedication is our sincere conviction that informed decisions are economically beneficial, socially responsible and environmentally sound.


We seek to create an everyday, mutually beneficial relationship between people, place, and nature; providing the amenities and spaces that the public needs to enrich their lives. We acknowledge that urban spaces bear witness to the humanity and complexity of city life.

Explore How We Work